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Marketstrat uses a combination of industry-standard and proprietary methodologies for researching and publishing reports. Research projects incorporate a rigorous process encompassing key milestones such as planning, design, data collection, interpretation, analysis and reporting.

The Research Process Flow encompasses Design, Data Collection, Analysis & Interpretation, and Report Packaging & Conclusion.

While the research methodology and coverage may vary based on market area or type of report, the methodology section of each report discusses the following:
  • Purpose of the Report
  • Scope & Definition
  • Market Segmentation and Regional Coverage
  • Report Limitations
  • Frameworks and KPIs applied
  • Research Sources
  • Sample Questionnaires

Primary Research

Extensive primary research is performed, using best practices in survey design, execution and data interpretation. Vendors, end-users, distributors, prospective customers and others who are part of a market's ecosystem - are invited to complete web-based surveys. Questionnaires are customized for the report as well as for the target group within a market. Follow-up primary research is also performed in the form of detailed phone interviews.

We will soon be launching a comprehensive quarterly audit program to track medical equipment purchase trends.

Secondary Research

As part of secondary research we review and analyze hundreds of information sources and distill our findings into key conclusions, take-aways and recommendations. Sources include industry & trade publications, published market and investment research reports, white papers, statistical databases from government and other sources and company web sites.

Analysis, Interpretation and Presentation

  • Global market coverage, data is presented in US dollars and units where applicable
  • Market estimates and forecasts by region, application, channel, sector – as applicable
  • Key market drivers, restraints and their correlation to market size and growth
  • SWOT analysis of key players and market shares
  • Business frameworks, KPIs, maps and metrics for analyzing markets and companies. Examples include: SRCE framework (Stresses, Responses, Competencies, Enablers)
  • Competitive framework (Innovators, Followers, Laggards) plotted against specific performance parameters (vendors and customers)
  • PAMap (Partner/Alliance Map)
  • MOI score (Market Opportunity Index) – overall, by region, sector and application
  • Economic indicators

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Marketstrat Advantage

  • Focus on medical devices, equipment and supplies
  • Global coverage with consistent methodology and reporting across all regions
  • Actionable, fact-based medical devices market research and analysis
  • Broad coverage of participating companies
  • Value chain reporting

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