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Published Date: July 2005; No. of Pages: 257

Price: $995 (single-user); $1990 (Corporate)

Apnea Monitors


This Marketstrat report analyzes the market for Apnea monitors worldwide. Topics discussed include product definition, application, types of apnea, epidemiology of apnea, key players, recent product launches, regulatory and reimbursement issues, etc. The report provides detailed market estimates and forecasts for Adult and Infant Apnea monitors by country and region. More than 70 manufacturers and suppliers of Apnea monitors worldwide are discussed.

This report can help executives in:

  • Assessing the market for Apnea Monitors, segments, and growth regions.
  • Understanding market drivers and restraints.
  • Business planning, strategic decision making and competitive strategy.
  • Identifying opportunities for partnerships and alliances.

Specific topics addressed in the report include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Products and Applications
  • Epidemiology SIDS and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Research Round-up Economic Issues
  • Worldwide Market Estimates & Forecasts
  • MARKETSTRAT Analytical Framework
  • Key Company Profiles
  • MARKETSTRAT Company Briefs
  • Additional Resources
  • Research Methodology

70 Companies have been discussed. The list includes: Bertocchi, CAS Medical, Draeger AG, Ferraris Medical, getemed, Graseby Medical, HiSense, Invivo, IVY Biomedical, Mennen Medical, Nellcor, Nihon Kohden, Optovent AB, Phoenix Medical, and Respironics.

Regions Covered:

The Americas (USA, Canada, Rest of the Americas - ROA); Asia-Pacific (Australia, China, India, Rest of Asia-Pacific - ROAPAC); Europe (France, Germany, Italy, UK, Rest of Europe – ROE); and Rest of the World (ROW)

Product/Market Segments Analyzed

  • Product Segments: Infant Monitors; Adult Monitors
  • Location: Hospital; Non-Hospital
  • Configuration: Stand-alone; Modular

Other Details

  • Companies Profiled: 70
  • Market Estimates/ Forecasts for 2003-2012 in US dollars (and units), separately by Region, by Product Segment, by Location, and by Configuration.
  • MARKETSTRAT Analytical Framework: Drivers and Restraints; KPPI Grid (Key Product Performance Indicators); Competitive Framework; SRCE Framework (Stresses, Competencies, Responses, Enablers); Key Market Parameters (KeyMAP Grid).

Table of Contents

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1.1. Key Conclusions
1.2. Worldwide Market Estimates and Forecasts
1.3. Key Market Parameters (KeyMAP Grid)
1.4. Recommendations for Manufacturers
1.5. Medical Device Industry Trends
1.5.1. Negative
1.5.2. Positive
1.6. Hospital Trends


2.1 Definition and Types of Apnea
2.2 Product Scope
2.3. Function
2.4. Apnea Monitors - Detection Methods
2.5. Common Options and Features
2.5.1. Alarms
2.5.2. ECG and Heart Rate Monitoring
2.5.3. Respiration Ratemeters
2.5.4. Recording and Documentation
2.6. Reported Problems With Apnea Monitors
2.6.1. Artifacts
2.6.2. Electric Shock
2.6.3. Other
2.6.4. Examples of Specific Incidents
2.7. Customer Preferred Performance Requirements
2.8. Safety Requirements for Infant Monitors
2.8.1. Safety Features
2.8.2. Safety Practices
2.9. Pricing and Purchasing Trends
2.10. Apnea Monitors - Stage of Evolution
2.11. Infant Apnea Monitors
2.12. Reimbursement for Monitor Purchases
2.13. Competitive Product Offerings
2.13.1. Little Sentry Junior Reassurance Monitor (Cantron Electronics)
2.13.2. Ami® Plus (CAS Medical)
2.13.3. Model 511 (CAS Medical)
2.13.4. CAS Express™ Software
2.13.5. RE200 Apnea Monitor (Ferraris Respiratory)
2.13.6. OxyTrend (Dräger Medical)
2.13.7. Graseby MR10 Respiration Monitor
2.13.8. Graseby MR20 ECG and Respiration Monitor
2.13.9. Graseby MR30 ECG, Respiration and spO2 Monitor
2.13.10. Graseby Version 1.2 MR20/MR30 PC Software
2.13.11. BabySense II (HiSense)
2.13.12. SmartMonitor® 2 Infant Apnea Monitor (Respironics)
2.13.13. SmartRecorder™ Multi-Channel Recording System (Respironics)
2.13.14. Respons (Optovent)
2.13.15. Renee (Optovent)
2.13.16. VitaGuard® VG 3100 (getemed)
2.13.17. VitaGuard® VG 2100 (getemed)
2.13.18. VitaWin® 3 - Evaluation Software


3.1. Apnea Monitors - Market Drivers & Restraints
3.1.1. Drivers
3.1.2. Restraints
3.2. Sleep Diagnosis & Therapy - Market Drivers and Restraints
3.2.1. Drivers
3.2.2. Restraints
3.3. Key Product Performance Indicators (KPPI Grid)
3.4. Purchase Considerations
3.4.1. Price
3.4.2. Quality and Product Reliability
3.4.3. Technical Features
3.4.4. Performance and Service
3.5. Decision Making Unit Profile
3.5.1. Purchase Patterns
3.6. Segmentation
3.6.1. Apnea Market Segmentation
3.6.2. Manufacturer/Supplier Segmentation
3.6.3. Service Provider Segmentation
3.6.4. Hospitals Segmentation
3.7. MARKETSTRAT SRCE Framework for Manufacturers
3.8. MARKETSTRAT Competitive Framework
3.9. Value Chain Strategies
3.9.1. Sales & Marketing Strategies
3.9.2. Supply Chain Strategies
3.9.3. Medical Industry Supply Chain - Cardinal Health
3.9.4. Field Service Operations


4.1. United States Market for Apnea Monitors
4.1.1. Total Market
4.1.2. By Market Segment
4.1.3. By Location
4.1.4. By Configuration
4.2. Canadian Market for Apnea Monitors
4.2.1. Total Market
4.2.2. By Market Segment
4.2.3. By Location
4.2.4. Market by Configuration
4.3. Rest of the Americas Market for Apnea Monitors
4.3.1. Total Market
4.3.2. By Market Segment
4.3.3. By Location
4.3.4. By Configuration
4.3.5. By Country
4.4. Australian Market for Apnea Monitors
4.4.1. Total Market
4.4.2. By Market Segment
4.4.3. By Location
4.4.4. By Configuration
4.5. Chinese Market for Apnea Monitors
4.5.1. Total Market
4.5.2. By Market Segment
4.5.3. By Location
4.5.4. By Configuration
4.6. Indian Market for Apnea Monitors
4.6.1. Total Market
4.6.2. By Market Segment
4.6.3. By Location
4.6.4. By Configuration
4.7. Japanese Market for Apnea Monitors
4.7.1. Total Market
4.7.2. By Market Segment
4.7.3. By Location
4.7.4. By Configuration
4.8. Rest of Asia-Pacific (ROAPAC)
4.8.1. Total Market
4.8.2. By Market Segment
4.8.3. By Location
4.8.4. By Configuration
4.8.5. ROAPAC Market by Country
4.9. French Market for Apnea Monitors
4.9.1. Total Market
4.9.2. By Market Segment
4.9.3. By Location
4.9.4. By Configuration
4.10. German Market for Apnea Monitors
4.10.1. Total Market
4.10.2. By Market Segment
4.10.3. By Location
4.10.4. By Configuration
4.11. Italian Market for Apnea Monitors
4.11.1. Total Market
4.11.2. By Market Segment
4.11.3. By Location
4.12. United Kingdom Market for Apnea Monitors
4.12.1. Total Market
4.12.2. By Market Segment
4.12.3. By Location
4.12.4. By Configuration
4.13. Rest of Europe (ROEU) Market for Apnea Monitors
4.13.1. Total Market
4.13.2. By Market Segment
4.13.3. By Location
4.13.4. By Configuration
4.13.5. ROEU Market by Country
4.14. Rest of the World Market (ROW) for Apnea Monitors
4.14.1. Total Market
4.14.2. By Market Segment
4.14.3. By Location
4.14.4. By Configuration
4.14.5. ROW Market by Country


5.1. BioMedix Inc
5.1.1. Management Team
5.1.2. Overview
5.1.3. Milestones
5.2. Cantron Electronics
5.2.1. Key Contact
5.2.2. Overview
5.2.3. Little Sentry Junior Reassurance Monitor
5.3. Cardinal Health Medical Products & Services Group Respiratory Care
5.3.1. Overview
5.3.2. Distribution/Supply Chain Services
5.3.3. Manufacturing Businesses
5.4. CAS Medical Systems Inc
5.4.1. Management Team
5.4.2. Overview
5.4.3. Markets and Products
5.4.4. Research-Driven Growth Strategy
5.4.5. Product Matrix
5.4.6. Ami® Plus
5.4.7. Model 511 Monitor
5.4.8. CAS Express™ Software
5.4.9. Apnea Monitoring Accessories
5.4.10. Sales Organization
5.4.11. 3-yr Sales Trend
5.4.12. News
5.4.13. CAS Medical Systems GmbH
5.5. Collins Medical Inc A Ferraris Respiratory Co
5.5.1. Overview
5.5.2. Key Contact
5.5.3. Brands
5.5.4. Product Listing
5.6. Ferraris Respiratory
5.6.1. RE200 Apnea Monitor
5.7. Draeger Medical AG & Co KGaA
5.7.1. Management Team
5.7.2. USA Management Team
5.7.3. Draeger Medical’s Brands
5.7.4. Product Listing
5.7.5. Fact Sheet
5.7.6. Product Matrix
5.7.7. OxyTrend
5.7.8. Draeger Medical Hispania SA
5.7.9. Draeger Medical Inc
5.8. Ferraris Respiratory (Hong Kong) A Ferraris Group Co
5.8.1. Overview
5.8.2. Brands
5.8.3. Products
5.9. Ferraris Respiratory Europe Ltd A Ferraris Group Co
5.9.1. Overview
5.9.2. Management Team
5.9.3. Products
5.10. Getemed Medizin- und Informationstechnik AG
5.10.1. Management Team
5.10.2. Core Areas
5.10.3. Product Launch History
5.10.4. Product Matrix
5.10.5. VitaGuard® VG 3100 (getemed)
5.10.6. VitaGuard® VG 2100 (getemed)
5.10.7. VitaGuard® VG 310
5.10.8. VitaWin® 3 - Evaluation Software
5.11. Giacomo Bertocchi SNC
5.11.1. Management Team
5.11.2. Product Listing
5.11.3. Overview
5.11.4. Giacomo Bertocchi Co (Russia)
5.12. Graseby Medical Ltd Div of Smiths Group
5.12.1. Management Team
5.12.2. Product Listing
5.12.3. Profile
5.12.4. Therapy Areas
5.12.5. Graseby MR10 Respiration Monitor
5.12.6. Graseby MR20 ECG and Respiration Monitor
5.12.7. Graseby MR30 ECG, Respiration and spO2 Monitor
5.12.8. Graseby Version 1.2 MR20/MR30 PC Software
5.12.9. International Sales Offices and Distributors
5.13. Hisense Ltd
5.13.1. Managing Team
5.13.2. Brand Names
5.13.3. BabySense II
5.14. International Biomedical Inc
5.14.1. Overview
5.14.2. Management Team
5.14.3. Brand Names
5.14.4. Product Matrix
5.14.5. Arvee Medical Div International Biomedical Inc
5.14.6. NARCO Bio-Systems Inc Div International Biomedical Inc
5.14.7. Via Medical
5.15. Invivo Corp An Intermagnetics Co
5.15.1. Management Team
5.15.2. Overview
5.15.3. Brand Names
5.15.4. Product Matrix
5.16. Intermagnetics General Corp.
5.16.1. Management Team
5.16.2. Medical Devices Business
5.16.3. Sales & Marketing
5.16.4. Competition
5.17. IVY Biomedical Systems, Inc.
5.17.1. OEM Customers
5.17.2. IVY Adult/Neonatal Multi Parameter Monitors
5.17.3. SAT-GUARD 2000 Portable Pulse Oximeter
5.17.4. IVY Cardiac Trigger Monitors
5.18. Mennen Medical Corp
5.18.1. Management Team
5.18.2. Brand Names
5.18.3. Products
5.18.4. Overview
5.18.5. Market Share
5.18.6. Sales and Marketing
5.18.7. Growth Strategy
5.18.9. News
5.19. Mennen Medical Ltd
5.19.1. Management Team
5.19.2. Brand Names
5.19.3. Products
5.20. Nellcor Inc Div Tyco Healthcare Group LP
5.20.1. Management Team
5.20.2. Product Listing
5.20.3. Business Description
5.20.4. History
5.20.5. Puritan-Bennett Sleep Diagnostic/Apnea Monitoring Products
5.21. Tyco Healthcare Group
5.21.1. Tyco Healthcare Facts
5.21.2. Operating Companies
5.22. Nihon Kohden America Inc
5.22.1. Management Team
5.22.2. Company Factsheet
5.22.3. Growth Focus
5.22.4. US Management Team
5.22.5. Brand Names
5.22.6. Product Listing
5.22.7. Sales Trend
5.22.8. 2009 Financial Goals
5.22.9. Product Line
5.22.10. Patient Monitors
5.23. Optovent AB
5.23.1. Key Contacts
5.23.2. Respons (Optovent)
5.23.3. Renee (Optovent)
5.23.4. OptoQ AB Subsidiary
5.23.5. Technologies Under Developmnent
5.26. Phoenix Medical Systems (P) Ltd
5.26.1. Management Team
5.26.2. Product Listing
5.26.3. Products Manufactured
5.26.4. Products Distributed
5.27. Respironics Inc
5.27.1. Management Team
5.27.2. Brand Names
5.27.3. Product Listing
5.27.4. Overview
5.27.5. Sales Trends
5.27.6. Product Categories
5.27.7. Apnea Monitors
5.27.8. Divisions
5.27.9. CPAP
5.27.10. Infant Management and Developmental Care Products
5.27.11. Sales, Marketing and Distribution Strategies
5.27.12. Sales Management
5.27.13. Program Approach
5.28. Smiths Medical Div of Smiths Group Plc
5.28.1. Management Team
5.28.2. Overview
5.28.3. Product Matrix
5.28.4. Recent News
5.28.5. Smiths Medical (South Africa) Pty Ltd
5.28.6. Smiths Medical (Southeast Asia) Ltd
5.28.7. Smiths Medical Australasia Pty Ltd
5.28.8. Smiths Medical Benelux NV
5.28.9. Smiths Medical Canada Ltd
5.28.10. Smiths Medical Deutschland GmbH
5.28.11. Smiths Medical France SA
5.28.12. Smiths Medical Japan Ltd
5.28.13. Smiths Medical Nederland bv
5.28.14. Smiths Medical Nederland bv
5.28.15. Smiths Medical Russia
5.28.16. Smiths Medical Sverige AB


6.1.1. SIDS Facts
6.1.2. Leading Causes of Infant Deaths
6.1.3. SIDS Risk Reduction Steps
6.1.4. Infant Apnea
6.1.5. Infant Apnea - Symptoms
6.1.6. At-Risk Groups
6.1.7. Apnea in Newborns
6.2. Sleep Apnea
6.2.1. Definition
6.2. Obstructive Sleep Apnea
6.2.1. Symptoms
6.2.2. Typically Affected Age Group
6.2.3. Diagnosis
6.2.4. Treatment
6.3. Epidemiology of Sleep Apnea
6.3.1. Epidemiology of Sleep Disorders
6.3.2. Further Research
6.4. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in Children
6.4.1. Symptoms
6.4.2. Diagnosis
6.4.3. Treatment
6.5. SIDS - HTA FAQ & Update
6.5.1. Definition
6.5.2. Causes of SIDS
6.5.3. Likelihood of Occurrence
6.5.4. Preventing SIDS
6.5.5. Back to Sleep Campaign
6.5.6. Campaign Success
6.5.7. Additional Risk Factors
6.5.8. Ethnicity
6.5.9. Genetic Link
6.5.10. Update on Side Sleep Position
6.5.11. Choking Hazard
6.5.12. Exceptions to Sleep Position Recommendation
6.5.13. Back Sleeping and Flat Heads
6.5.14. SIDS Research
6.5.15. SIDS and Home Monitors
6.5.16. NICHD Recommendation Monitors for SIDS Prevention
6.5.17. Misdiagnoses
6.5.18. National Guidelines for SIDS Investigations


7.1. Sleep Apnea and Diabetes
7.2. New Less-Invasive Treatments for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
7.3. Sleep Medicine
7.3.1. An Evolving Field
7.3.2. Snapshots of Recent Research Findings - OSA
7.3.3. Research Round-up - SIDS
7.4. Cardiorespiratory Monitoring - HSTAT Perspective
7.4.1. The Pneumogram as a Screening Tool
7.4.2. When to Discontinue Home Monitoring
7.4.3. Physician - Parent Collaboration

Ace Medical Equipment Inc
Management Team
Amplivox Ltd
Management Team
Arvee Medical Div International Biomedical Inc
Management Team
Atlas Researches Ltd
Bioelectric Engineering and Medical Supplies Inc (BEAMS)
Corometrics c/o Transmedic Pte Ltd
Densa Ltd
Management Team
Depex bv A Hettich Co
Management Team
Dr Fenyves & Gut Deutschland GmbH
Dyasonic SA de CV
Management Team
Erich Jaeger GmbH & Co VIASYS Healthcare Respiratory Technologies
Management Team
GE Healthcare (Hong Kong)
GE Healthcare Europe
Management Team
GE Healthcare Italia SpA
GE Healthcare Spain SA
GE Healthcare Technologies GmbH
GE Healthcare UK
Brand Names:
General Electric GmbH (Austria)
Gould Instrument Systems UK
Management Team
Brand Names
Heinz Diefenbach GmbH Elektromedizin
Key Contact
Hoffrichter GmbH
Management Team
Brand Names
IMI Co Ltd
Management Team
Infotronic Medical/Industrial Research and Development
Management Team
Innovacion Medica Especializada
Management Team
Brand Names
LDS Life Science
Brand Names
Makosh GmbH
Key Contacts
Mallinckrodt France Sarl Div Tyco Healthcare Group LP
MAP Medizintechnik fuer Arzt und Patient GmbH & Co KG
Management Team
Brand Names
Medasto bv
Key Contacts
Medical Specialties Distributors Inc
Management Team
Brand Names:
Medtronic A/S
Management Team
Brand Names
Medtronic Synectics Asia Ltd
Key Contacts
Micro Automation Technology SA
MRI Devices (Europe) GmbH An Intermagnetics Co
N H Eastwood & Son Ltd
Key Contact
Brand Names
Nakamura Medical Industry Co Ltd
NARCO Bio-Systems Inc Div International Biomedical Inc
Management Team
Brand Names
Non-Invasive Monitoring Systems Inc
Management Team
Brand Names
Physicians Resource Network
Key Contact
Presco Services
Key Contacts
PT Enseval Putera Megatrading
Key Contacts
R & D Medical Products Inc
Key Contact
RJ & VK Bird Pty Ltd
Ro-Med Medical Holdings
Key Contact
Schulte-Elektronik GmbH
SensorMedics bv (Europe) VIASYS Healthcare Respiratory Technology
Key Contact
Brand Name
SensorMedics Deutschland GmbH VIASYS Healthcare Respiratory Technologies
SensorMedics GmbH Nfg KG (Austria) VIASYS Healthcare Resp. Technologies
Key Contacts
SensorMedics Hong Kong Ltd VIASYS Healthcare Respiratory Technologies
Key Contacts
Brand Names
Sensormedics Italia srl VIASYS Healthcare Respiratory Technologies
Stimotron Medizinische Geraete
Surgicare Pty Ltd
Key Contacts
Brand Names
Techna Electronics Ind Co Ltd
Key Contact
UFI Corp
Key Contacts
Brand Names
VitalAire GmbH
Key Contacts
Weinmann GmbH & Co
Key Contacts
Brand Names



10.1. Purpose of the Report
10.2. Target Audience
10.3. Scope and Definition
10.4. Market Segmentation
10.5. Geographic Coverage
10.6. Research Methodology
10.6.1. Data Collection - Primary Research
10.6.2. Data Collection - Secondary Research
10.6.3. Analysis and Interpretation
10.6.4. Data Presentation
10.6.5. Value Chain Research
10.6.6. Data Reliability and Limitations
10.7. MARKETSTRAT Analytical Framework
10.8. Industry Trends
10.9. Company Analysis
10.9.1. Key Players Profiles
10.9.2. Marketstrat Company Briefs
10.10. Project Approach

Companies Discussed

Companies Profiled (127):

1. Ace Medical Equipment Inc (USA)
2. Amplivox Ltd (UK)
3. Arvee Medical Div International Biomedical Inc (USA)
4. Atlas Researches Ltd (Israel)
5. Bioelectric Engineering and Medical Supplies Inc (USA)
6. Bio-Med Devices Inc (USA)
7. BioMedix Inc (USA)
8. Cantron Electronics (South Africa)
9. Cardinal Health Medical Products &Services Group Respiratory Care (USA)
10. CAS Medical Systems Inc (USA)
11. Collins Medical Inc A Ferraris Respiratory Co (USA)
12. Corometrics c/o Transmedic Pte Ltd (Singapore)
13. Densa Ltd (UK)
14. Depex bv A Hettich Co (The Netherlands)
15. Dr Fenyves &Gut Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
16. Draeger Medical AG &Co KGaA (Germany)
17. Draeger Medical Inc (USA)
18. Dyasonic SA de CV (Mexico)
19. Ferraris Respiratory (Hong Kong) A Ferraris Group Co (Hong Kong)
20. Ferraris Respiratory Europe Ltd A Ferraris Group Co (UK)
21. GE Healthcare Technologies (USA)
22. Datex Ohmeda
23. Giacomo Bertocchi SNC (Italy)
24. Gould Instrument Systems UK (UK)
25. Graseby Medical Ltd (UK)
26. Heinz Diefenbach GmbH Elektromedizin (Germany)
27. Hisense Ltd (Israel)
28. Hoffrichter GmbH (Germany)
29. IMI Co Ltd (Japan)
30. Infotronic Medical/Industrial Research and Development (The Netherlands)
31. Innovacion Medica Especializada (Mexico)
32. International Biomedical Inc (USA)
33. International Medical Inc (USA)
34. Invivo Corp An Intermagnetics Co (USA)
35. LDS Life Science (USA)
36. Makosh GmbH (Germany)
37. MAP Medizintechnik fuer Arzt und Patient GmbH &Co KG (Germany)
38. Medasto bv (The Netherlands)
39. Medical Specialties Distributors Inc (USA)
40. Medtronic Inc (USA)
41. Mennen Medical Corp (USA)
42. Micro Automation Technology SA (Belgium)
43. MRI Devices (Europe) GmbH An Intermagnetics Co (Germany)
44. N H Eastwood &Son Ltd (UK)
45. Nakamura Medical Industry Co Ltd (Japan)
46. NARCO Bio-Systems Inc Div International Biomedical Inc (USA)
47. NEC Medical Systems Ltd (Japan)
48. Nihon Kohden America Inc (USA)
49. Non-Invasive Monitoring Systems Inc (USA)
50. Penlon Ltd (UK)
51. Phoenix Medical Systems (P) Ltd (India)
52. Physicians Resource Network (USA)
53. Presco Services (USA)
54. PT Enseval Putera Megatrading (Indonesia)
55. R &D Medical Products Inc (USA)
56. Respironics Inc (USA)
57. Ulco Engineering Pty Ltd (Australia)
58. RJ &VK Bird Pty Ltd (Australia)
59. Ro-Med Medical Holdings (South Africa)
60. Schulte-Elektronik GmbH (Germany)
61. Smiths Medical (UK)
62. Stimotron Medizinische Geraete (Germany)
63. Surgicare Pty Ltd (Australia)
64. Techna Electronics Ind Co Ltd (Japan)
65. Tyco Healthcare Group LP
66. Nellcor Inc Div Tyco Healthcare Group LP (USA)
67. UFI Corp (USA)
68. VIASYS Healthcare, Inc. (USA)
* Sensor Medics
* Erich Jaeger GmbH &Co VIASYS Healthcare Resp. Technologies (Germany)
69. VitalAire GmbH (Germany)
70. Weinmann GmbH &Co (Germany)



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